Fix Clipboard History for Mac Crashing

Everyone needs a clipboard history app. I just don’t understand how people are able to be efficient when their clipboard can only hold one item!

For the past few years, I have used Clipboard History and while I am sure that there are newer/better options that have popped up, this has worked for me for years and I just had no reason to change. That is until tonight.logo

I apparently copied WAY too much out of Excel, multiple times, and caused Clipboard History to freak out and required me to kill the process from terminal. Every time when I restarted the app, it would immediately crash again since it was trying to load my old history. This even persisted after reboot. The app immediately crashed, not allowing me to do anything with it.

In case anyone else runs into this, I was able to restore the app by manually tracking down the history and deleting it.

Fire up terminal, and navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/com.agileroute.clipboardhistory

In this directory, there is a directory for each of your clips, each with its own ID number. Inside those directories, there is the actual clip itself, in HTML, txt, etc and a properties file. It is important to note that your “Favorite” clips that never go away are also stored in here.

To fix Clipboard History, I did “ls -alt | head” to see what the IDs were for my oldest clips. These are your “Favorites” and you likely want to save them. Once you have identified what you want to keep, move them somewhere safe, delete everything else, and then move them back. I did the following (assume that 322 and 2608 are my “Favorites”)

Close terminal, and then fire up Clipboard History again, and all should be right with the world.

  1. Brilliant,

    This was super helpful. TY!

  2. Josh, I had exactly the same issue tried emailing Agileroute – nada. Your fix worked. You rock, thank you!

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